At the core of the International Encounter of ECYD Team Leaders is the desire to forge in the hearts of every participant a renewed love for who they are as apostles and for who they represent, Jesus Christ. That is why the theme for the encounter is “Be His Apostle!“.

This desire will hopefully become a reality through this unique international and profound ECYD experience lived through the heart of team leaders from around the globe and from different walks of life. Hence the gospel phrase, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).

It is a weeklong encounter centered around a deep experience of friendship with Christ and among themselves. This encounter has been planned with many dynamic activities that encompass the essential elements of ECYD life, but through the perspective of a team leader: prayer, formation, team life, accompaniment, and apostolate.

All of this and more will take place right at the heart of the Catholic Church in Rome, Italy!


Any ECYD team leader from around the world (between 16 and 19 years old)
and has been a team leader for at least one year.
It is highly suggested that the team leader participates through an organized group based on the city or country where they are coming from. Contact your local ECYD director for more information.

“We can ask: What keeps us united? Why are we united? What prompts us to encounter each other? The certainty of knowing that we have been loved with a profound love that we neither can nor want to keep quiet about a love that challenges us to respond in the same way: with love.

It is the love of Christ that urges us on.”

– Pope Francis, Opening Speech at the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama


Pricing and registration information

As pricing for participants may vary depending on the situation of each country, please contact your local ECYD director or ECYD territorial coordinator for the exact pricing information for your country.

Every participant and adult chaperone must be registered by their local ECYD director.

Registration and payment procedures will be made available on March 25, 2019 when the registration period begins.

For further inquiries please email us at ecydinternacional@gmail.com

Travel information

All participants will be staying at:

Pontifical College Maria Mater Ecclesiae (PCIMME)
Largo Girolamo Minervini, 00165 Roma RM
Tel: 06 665261

Check-in should be by the afternoon/evening of the 28th of December and check-out is on the 6th of January.

Please plan your itinerary to come into either Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport in Rome. Each group is in-charge of organizing their transportation to and from the PCIMME upon arrival and for departure to the airport. From the airport there are various transportation services available.

Chaperone information

Directive team:

The directive team is composed of 14 adults (7 Legionary of Christ priests and brothers, and 7 consecrated women of Regnum Christi). The team will be in-charge of the different activities and logistical needs of the encounter, as well as accompanying the groups throughout its duration.

Adult chaperones:

Although the directive team will be present throughout the event, it is important that each particular group be accompanied by an adult chaperone (lay, priest or consecrated member).

One adult chaperone must accompany every group of 15 participants or less (i.e. 2 adults for a group of more than 15). Chaperones must also register and pay a special event fee for chaperones (please see with your local director for exact payment information)

Every lay adult chaperone must present prior to arrival (via email) a certificate of good-standing (downloadable) by a Legionary of Christ priest or consecrated member of Regnum Christi.

Contact information

ECYD team leaders interested in participating may contact their local ECYD director for more information

All other inquiries may be sent to the ECYD International team at ecydinternacional@gmail.com


– Mt. 28:19 –


(activities, speakers, highlights, FAQs, etc.)