ECYD, which is under the direction of the Regnum Christi Movement, is firmly committed to creating and maintaining safe environments for minors and vulnerable adults who are in contact with ECYD directors, mentors and volunteers, and who take part in ECYD apostolic and educational activities.

For this reason, in every country where ECYD is present, codes of conduct have been made for ECYD directors, mentors and volunteers, establishing clear procedures for investigating any complaint that may arise and for reporting them to the competent authorities.

If the need to report arises, you may contact the safe environment coordinators assigned to your country.

Safe Environment Coordinators:





Germany and Austria Karl-Olaf Bergmann +49 (0) 211-17540422
Brazil Fr. Carlos Skertchly, L.C. +55 (11) 991677069
Colombia and Venezuela Catalina Gallego Barbier +57 300 4791 709
Chile and Argentina Fr. Ignacio Santa Cruz, L.C. +569 54020254
Spain José Manuel de León +34 91 357 93 80
France Fr. Benoît Devos, L.C. +33 7 81 91 76 19



Fr. Miguel Ángel Llamas, L.C.

Fr. Óscar Iván Missas, LC

+39 329 651 6618

+39 342 6191 871

Ireland Fr. Aaron Vinduska LC +353 1 295 5902
Cathy Doyle – Deputy child safeguarding liaison person +353 1 286 6323
Central and Southern Mexico, and Central America Fr. Michael Grealy, L.C. +52 (55) 2224 2070
Northern and Western Mexico Fr. José de Jesús Rodríguez, L.C. +52 81 159 95 122
United States and Canada Fr. Steven Reilly, L.C. +1 (301) 580 0340

“To live ECYD is to experience a charism that is then incarnated in a lifestyle and mission.
It is the joy that springs forth in the adolescents when they discover that they are loved and called by Jesus Christ;
it is the initiative and creativity enkindled inside when they know they are engaged in a great mission in the light of eternity;
it is what happens within when they understand that an authentic and attractive Christianity can be lived, thus leaving a deep imprint in today’s world;
it is the strength given by being part of a group of friends who share the same ideals, and above all their faith.”