Visiting any ECYD team around the world may give you the same first impression: the joy, the friendship, the noise, the youthful environment, the healthy disorder…

Within this setting, that may seem like any other gathering of friends, there is much more than these external elements that are hidden within. That’s why one needs to look at ECYD in 4D, through its 4 dimensions.

We want to look at ECYD through its distinct perspectives, each one with the same depth and importance.

ECYD is defined in 4D. It isn’t a simple nor linear definition. To understand what ECYD is, we need to know, deepen, and live each one of these aspects.

1 – ECYD is an association. As a group, ECYD has its own identity and structure.

It promotes and lives Christian values, seeking to serve the Church and collaborate in her mission of evangelizing every reality, which is why ECYD is presented and identified as a Catholic association. In addition to this, ECYD unites adolescents who live the Regnum Christi charism.

2 – ECYD is, and above all, a pledge of friendship.

United by the same invitation, ECYD members make this pledge with Christ and with each other, which transcends borders and languages. It is actually Christ himself who unites and gathers together all the members of ECYD. It is Christ who approaches and invites every ECYD member to make this pledge and thus be his friend and apostle. It is a union that leads one to live a specific style of Christianity. This pledge isn’t just an activity; it is a way of life.

3 – ECYD is a lifestyle, which what stands out more.

What does ECYD have that makes her members feel this sense of belonging, committing themselves to doing apostolate, praying, or even giving up their summer to take part in the ECYD Mission Corps program? ECYD has adolescents that seek to live out a Christian lifestyle, as friends and apostles of Jesus Christ, whether it be at their school, with family, with friends… wherever they are. This is what fills them with joy and moves them to spread this joy with those around them.

ECYD life is special, because it is not restricted to a weekly activity. One doesn’t go to ECYD, one is ECYD.

4 – ECYD is a mission.

Being sent as apostles, every ECYD adolescent collaborates with Christ in the mission of going out to evangelize every corner of society, of their country, and of the world.

ECYD adolescents live with the ardent desire to continually make Jesus better known and better received. They want Him to reign in the hearts of all people. ECYD adolescents are apostles, and they don’t waste any opportunity to spread the message of salvation. Their first and most basic means of doing so is through their own witness, for they have found the love of Christ which transforms them. They look at reality from the eyes of an apostle, which seeks to transform every reality for Christ.

ECYD then should be looked at through its four dimensions: as an association, as a pledge, as a lifestyle, and as a mission. And each one of these dimensions supports and sustains the others. ECYD is lived through these four dimensions simultaneously and always.

“To live ECYD is to experience a charism that is then incarnated in a lifestyle and mission.
It is the joy that springs forth in the adolescents when they discover that they are loved and called by Jesus Christ;
it is the initiative and creativity enkindled inside when they know they are engaged in a great mission in the light of eternity;
it is what happens within when they understand that an authentic and attractive Christianity can be lived, thus leaving a deep imprint in today’s world;
it is the strength given by being part of a group of friends who share the same ideals, and above all their faith.”