1. The heart of ECYD is the pledge of friendship.

ECYD is a pledge of friendship. This pledge means making a promise between friends. It’s a promise which you make to Christ and, in an incredible way, he does the same to you. This pledge is the heart of ECYD. Through this pledge of friendship, we in ECYD do what we do, live how we live, and are who we are. The pledge defines us and at the same time sustains us.

2. The pledge of friendship begins with this invitation from Christ.

It is he who first takes interest in this pledge. As he did with the rich young man, he looks at you with love and invites you to follow Him, to be His friend. To make the pledge with Christ in ECYD is a response to this invitation.

3. This invitation requires a free and personal response.

It isn’t a massive response, nor is it done automatically. This pledge isn’t done just as a group. It is done after listening deep within your heart that invitation of Christ who asks you, “Do you want to be my friend?” It is each one who responds: “I want to”. No one can say it for you.

4. It is an invitation to be his friend and apostle, so that it is He who reigns in the hearts of adolescents and of the world.

With the pledge, you receive the friendship of the one who will never fail you, who always listens, who wants the best for you, and knows you through and through. At the same time, you commit yourself to live as a friend and apostle of Jesus Christ: permitting him to help you make decisions, and letting him be your criteria, example and model, making him number one in your life, and doing what you can to make him number one for those around you, for you know, for everybody!

5. The pledge of friendship presents you with a concrete way of living your Christian life.

From your baptism, Christ has been waiting to be your friend. The pledge of friendship with Christ in ECYD is a way of living that which Christ thought of giving you from the beginning and consciously choosing that which began in your baptism. Therefore, the pledge of friendship with Christ isn’t reserved for special moments. The pledge becomes a way of life, a road that leads to Heaven. Always and everywhere you are ECYD.

6. All of us who have made this pledge are united in a special way.

God wants to unite all of us ECYD members through this pledge: from many countries, from different realities, and at the same time, and in the same way. He unites us in lifestyle that characterizes us, a way of being that gives us identity, a sign when we do apostolate, when we pray, when we are with our team, when we form ourselves… ECYD is a way of encounters, convictions and decisions that we share. This unites us in a profound way. It is this pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other that gives us an identity. It commits us to each other, and also helps us to support each other, as a family: we are ECYD

7. The symbol that represents this pledge is the cross of ECYD.

The cross of ECYD expresses the pledge we have made between ourselves and with Christ. It is open from the earth to the sky and from the center to the sides to symbolize man’s openness to God and the desire to make his love reach all men. A chain surrounds the center as a symbol of union and covenant with Christ and with each member of ECYD.

An infographic of the session can be found here.

“To live ECYD is to experience a charism that is then incarnated in a lifestyle and mission.
It is the joy that springs forth in the adolescents when they discover that they are loved and called by Jesus Christ;
it is the initiative and creativity enkindled inside when they know they are engaged in a great mission in the light of eternity;
it is what happens within when they understand that an authentic and attractive Christianity can be lived, thus leaving a deep imprint in today’s world;
it is the strength given by being part of a group of friends who share the same ideals, and above all their faith.”